Monday, November 4, 2013

Lean on Me When You're Not Strong

Too often we take for granted that love gives so much and asks so little.  Yet it is often the little things that give the most.  Some people struggle to move boulders to show their devotion.  But love over the long run is really a mountain made of pebbles.  Each one is placed there with care sometimes effortlessly and other times in testament that love really does conquer all.  It's so easy to take each pebble for granted and forget that the tokens of our love are not pebbles at all.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


The tempting thing when you first get a Keurig is to try everything.  This eventually results in finding yourself exhausted on a couch with your body slumped in slumber while your mind is wide awake asking, "I know they were all delicious but don't do that again."

I am amped and weak. Sigh. 

Setting up the Royal

Figuring out how to post a typed page. The steps look like photograph, crop and enhance. Simple enough to do. :)

Friday, November 1, 2013


Welcome to "The Royal Aristocrat" blog.

I am going to go back to basics with this blog and use an early 1950's Royal Aristocrat manual typewriter as the composition tool for my thoughts.  It's an exercise in structuring one's message for both clarity and brevity.  Too often the computer lets us go at a subject slathering a draft with bullet points that eventually turn into rambles.  A piece of paper struck by slugs imparting letters through a ribbon forces discipline.  There must be a thought with a beginning, middle and end.  Whatever sloppiness there is in thinking, spelling or rushing becomes part of the composition for the reader to see and share.  I hope you find it interesting.